Our Purpose


  1. We are considered safe and trustworthy by the immigrants we serve. Our Church-based clinics provide a safe place where immigrant clients feel comfortable seeking legal assistance/advice.
  2. We are a faith-driven ministry of welcome guided by an ethos of compassion, dignity, and love. We are rooted in the United Methodist Church faith tradition of welcoming our neighbor (Lev. 19:33-34; Matt. 25). We embrace a model of biblical hospitality; each of our Church-based legal clinics is an opportunity for local congregations to “open their doors” with a safe, warm and hospitable welcome for newcomers in their midst.
  3. We value immigrants as an integral part of our communities.
  4. We seek to create a warm, welcoming place of hospitality where mutual transformation takes place for both staff and volunteers and the immigrants we serve. We strive to build community between the volunteers and staff and the immigrant clients. We provide
    meaningful interaction between volunteers and staff and their immigrant neighbors.
  5. We embrace all members of the human family regardless of status, ethnicity, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, gender expression or ability. We do not discriminate in our welcome and believe that all individuals are of sacred worth.
  6. We are committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion in Board composition and staffing (including volunteers) for the organization. More than just diversifying Board and staff, we seek active participation of all in the life of the organization.
  7. We commit to improving our nation’s immigration policies and our communities’ relationships with immigrants.


The mission of Immigration Law & Justice New York is to welcome immigrants into our communities with compassion, dignity and love by providing free, high-quality immigration legal services, education to communities of faith and the public about the immigration system, and advocacy for immigrant rights.

To read more about our facts and important information on Immigration Law & Justice New York, read our fact sheet in English (opens in new tab) Or read it in Spanish / lea nuestra ficha de datos en español (se abre en una nueva pestaña).


Started in 1999 by The United Methodist Committee on Relief, Immigration Law & Justice Network, formerly Justice for Our Neighbors, is a nationwide network of independent non-profit legal services organizations/sites around the country.

Immigration Law & Justice Network New York, formerly NY JFON, was one of the first such sites, now operating the following four (4) Church-based legal clinics where legal staff conduct legal consultations and client intake for low-income, vulnerable immigrants:

In January of 2020, in cooperation with Church World Service (which provides social services assistance), Immigration Law & Justice Network New York became one of three (3) sites in the country in the ILJ network to provide dedicated asylum attorney services under UMCOR’s three (3) year Leading with Welcome grant program.

While begun as a program of UMCOR, and later a ministry of The New York Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church with an Advisory Board, as of September 5, 2019 Immigration Law & Justice Network New York spun off as an independent non-profit with its own Board of Directors.