ILJ Network Rejects Biden’s Concessions On Asylum In Exchange For Military War Funding

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ILJ Network Statement: 

ILJ Network urges the White House and Congress not to sell out immigrants and asylum seekers for a funding deal. Last week it was reported that the Biden Administration is open to severe asylum limitations as part of budget negotiations in exchange for foreign military war funding. These limits include heightened standards for credible fear interviews, barring migrants from seeking asylum if they travel through third countries in route to the U.S., codifying this into law, and expanding expedited removals, a fast-track deportation process. 


This deal will make it even more difficult for people seeking refuge to process their asylum screenings at the border. It will provide unchecked powers to CBP and ICE officials to deport migrants without the right to a day in court. Lastly, the impact these severe, deterrence-based policies will land disproportionately on already marginalized immigrants of color. 


These types of political concessions violate international and domestic asylum law. Immigration Law & Justice Network denounces the Biden Administration for its blatant disregard of the law and for the wellbeing of asylum seekers who are requesting refuge at our southern border. As a network of immigration legal providers, we condemn the further destruction of our asylum system and demand that President Biden restore our asylum system as promised to the American people in his campaign.


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